ShowCase PHP & Prefilled fields & MultiCreate Form

You can Import the following ShowCase with the Restore Function within your WordPress Installation.


  • Custom Table with ID 120 will show which tracks the Online Radio played right now
  • Custom Form with ID 120 will be generated that 3 DJ’s can upload which tracks they played in the radio
  • DJ can Edit the Track list again (only the own Entries)
  • Each DJ can add 3 Tracks on the same time because of the usage of [again] tag
    • Month / Year fields are automatically filled out with the actual month / year via PHP Tag
    • DJ field is prefilled with the username of the user which is logged in to WordPress


  • Add following code to a page:

    [wctform id="120"]


  • A user called Stefan need to be avaialble, or add your user to the enum field list
  • Premium License