Custom Tables – Version 3.4.0

New Premium Features were added:

  • n2n Relations added as BETA feature
  • Show multiple Table Entries per Tableline possible
  • Search also works on `Please setup Smarttag correctly (No entry submitted)` tag

And of course Bugfixes:

  • Headerline is showing again
  • Changed `mysql_insert_id()` to WP Standard `$wpdb->insert_id`
  • Demo DB Entries fixed
  • Filter will now be applied on Change Field Tab
  • Bugfix for `wctoverlay` Smarttag with caching
  • Backup / Restore Process fixed
  • Premium Features on MU Version dont crash all sites when enabled as network admin
  • Multiple Multiselect Dropdown for fields with same name supported
  • Clear Button now clears all SALTs

Because of the high amount of time which I spend in programming, I increased the Premium Feature price. Please notice, that once you bought a license, you will have free access to all new features which are upcoming for 25 years!

If you have problems with the release, please open a Ticket on the Bugtracker.