Major release upcoming

It was very quite a long time.

My project work has been mostly finish, my diploma thesis is mostly done and a lot of customer projects are over.
Right now, no new tasks are gathered and in the mean time a lot of changed and features has been implemented in the unreleased new plugin version.

As a result of my 16 working hour days and no free time on weekends, a lot of other tasks are pending, like a lot of support questions which are still unanswered. I feel really sorry about that.

One Major Feature which is upcoming is the “Relation2 between tables. n2n relations over unlimited numbers of tables are possible then. Including all other options. My project work was completed with the plugin custom tables and the code behind will be published for to be a “democase” for the possibilities of the plugin.

To get a clue what I’m talking about, more than 2’000 shortcodes over the complete pages within wordpress. Completly crosslinked Databases with 1’000th of entries and everything highly SEO optimized and searchable on the normal search.

I also show there how “addons” to the plugin can easily programmed to extend the normal possibilities with PHP knowledge to have completely freedom in any wished implementation.

So far, I’m heavenly testing the plugin right now and will implement some more features within the plugin in the next weeks.
Stay tuned to an really exciting release!

I hope after all that work and some “free time” with my girlfriend, to find again the time for the old service level which I had in solving tickets.
So long…