Add your own features in custom tables plugin

My plugin has a lot of possibilities, but as its possible that you have your own special need, you can easily extend the functionality of my plugin with your own “plugin” without touching the code. You will not loose the update functionality by a new release and your code is working.

Today I show you an implementation of that.

The site we are talking now about has a very high userload, 12k Users on a day with around 60k Pageviews. Read more

I only see “Table Setup not configured” on the page

This plugin is highly customizable. Therefor you cannot only create a table as you want with adding unlimited numbers of fields and content, you also need to define how the table will be published.

You need therefor Read more

Instead of an image, I only see the URL

When You place an image to your page and only see a link, you need to Read more

Backup/Export show only white page

If you only see a whit page if you want to export a table or take a backup, then Read more