ShowCase PHP & Prefilled fields

You can Import the following ShowCase with the Restore Function within your WordPress Installation.


  • Custom Table with ID 120 will show which tracks the Online Radio played right now
  • Custom Form with ID 120 will be generated that 3 DJ’s can upload which tracks they played in the radio
  • Month / Year fields are automatically filled out with the actual month / year via PHP Tag
  • DJ field is prefilled with the username of the user which is logged in to WordPress

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Custom Tables – Version 3.1.1

In the new Release there are following new Features:

  • New Plugin web page introduced (this web page)
  • Video Tutorials added
  • Added option for ‘Edit directly first entry’ in custom forms (Premium)

Also some changes for usability improvements:

  • Smarttag Generator updated
  • Alphabetical resort of `Set()` and `Enum()` fields optional
  • Demo License now deletable before test period is over
  • Restore for strange Windows Characters improved

And of course Bugfixes:

  • Global search works now with other than `blog_` Database prefix
  • Only Create Rights on Custom Form fixed
  • Premium Version HTML Editor on Lite version fixed

If you have problems with the release, please open a Ticket on the Bugtracker.