With the release of the first version of the plugin (1.0.0) I spend already 3 month of working for this plugin. As I programmed this plugin to use a real table and with many possibilities and freedom to the user with HTML and CSS, the plugin is on the other site not very easy to use.

To help the people, I startet a Ticketsystem, where I try to help as fast as possible and spend, besides the programming, many hours. To compensate a little bit my time, I integrated Premium Features within the Plugin.

Premium feature will remain for 25 years and new features are automatically added to already existing licenses. A license is valid for single Domain use only. If you want to have a MU Version, please contact me.

Features which are included:

  • Custom Forms: Define which fields can be written / updated of which tables
  • Multiple Output Designs possible
  • Category Widget (of Enum & Set fields)
  • Search & Replace in Table
  • Extends Standard WordPress Search looks into Tables and show Article and Page if search string was found
  • SQL Cronjobs
  • Multiselection fields possible (needs jQuery)
  • Show Table/Form only if a user is logged in (Option)
  • Table download is possible on public page as Excel and CSV file (Option)
  • Unknown CSV Importer has no limits
  • n2n Relations between Tables possible
  • Multiple database rows in 1 line possible

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me or buy directly trough PayPal:

Your Domain: